Restoring DC with hotsync

Sorry I ve tried hotsync and finaly it syncs with the slave, but I ve questions for the logical events, he should copy the ad container from the first one to login ad db, secondly I ve have promoted the 2nd Dc with hotsync promotion Master… (fallowing the github procedure), but I made the mistake to put roaming profiles on a sharefolder to the 1 dc down, result I can log in, but at the first time I ve got temporarly user profiles and rsat problems. Now I ve only rsat problems acces, for example on rsat (user and active directory computers) (thats normal due to the profiles are stored and the gpos on dc1 share profiles, with that I taught that Hotsync would synchronise also the shared dc1 folder, which is not the case… I am searching for an work around step to put the dc2 working as the PDC dc1… Any help to understand this

After an HUGE problem fortunatetly I always make m’y tests on lab structure, ive take an snapshot rewind, and erased the second dc. I had to depromote twice the win10 vm and promote again… magic all my roaming profiles are up and running again, I will stick with 1 nethserver for instance, and try another aproach, to maybe point m’y BDC to a shared Nas folder between all the future NS failover… I dont know for instance… I had to recheck m’y ntp server and reboot gpo synchronisation errors, after check nethserver time… The gpo worked sweet… I’m in surveillance mode

… Maybe a clue with nas roaming profiles folder pointed… I think we need to define samba4 folder shares path to the nas path, with that on paper should work, but I need to know where are those folders on nethserver… the work around for instance is program an rsync between the 2 NS servers, with no password ssh… M’y question is the sssd container also we need to make an backup copy, or not… As a DC2 takes the control When you add It to active directory IT copies the users names only… On rsat we need to put un alias path, already posted on the community… Any clues


I assume you created the folder manually like described here. In this case it should be added to backup-data customization to be included in hotsync.

Shared folders created with the web UI are covered by hotsync because the shared folders in /var/lib/nethserver/ibay are included in backup-data by default.

Hotsync uses rsync and should do the job, you do not need a separate rsync script.
This way same IP, hostname and NSDC container are used on the promoted slave and therefore NS AD should be accessible without problems.

Wonderfull I will try it thank you

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i try to make an backup via terminal to test now it tels to me that i’ve not enough space on temp folder in his preparation for de backup.

i’m feeling that i ve understood the thing correct me if i’m wrong
1- backup folder (smb/cifs) and space on it, ive sent to windows vm share
and it creates DC+ foldeer for the backup, all permissions to everyone
1.1- i’ve have configured finnaly backup-data…
2- after backup data done correctly .tar.gz saved
3- install rsync and run it and verify that’s running correctly always (DC1 + DC2)
4- install and configure hotsync, defining on each server the master and the slave (DC1 and DC2) ok
5-test hotsync from the DC1 to DC2
5.1- Gpo path from DC+ it will be transferable automatically to DC2 also the same on roaming profiles path, (if not try to find a way to transfer it, before it crashes DC1, or you cannot do whats or ever )
6-turn off DC1
7-test DC2 restore or take your backup.tar.gz folder and backup settings and putt on the DC2

I think you are mixing up backup-data and hotsync. Hotsync is its own system just using the paths/files defined in backup-data. Hotsync uses rsync so there’s no need to manually run rsync.

  1. Install and configure hotsync
  2. Add paths that are not covered by default in backup-data to make hotsync sync it. There’s no need to run backup-data.
  3. Force or wait for hotsync sync
  4. Turn off master
  5. Promote slave
  6. Check if everything works

Well i’ve installed on a physical machine…backups on vm doesn’t work guess what…not enough disk space left ( lol), i will proceed with the vm with more space on disk or the same for test proposes…god speed our nethserver, for data backup i’ve put an usb hdd drive 1 To backuped successfully now even i will try the second machine nethserver on vm, because i dont have enough HD for it …

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