Restore Restic B2 Backup on BackBlaze

NethServer release 7.9.2009 (final)
Kernel: 3.10.0-1160.el7.x86_64

My question is how to restore a backup made with restic on backblaze? The backup process is performed perfectly, but I would like to know what the exact process is to restore all the configurations with the origin via the backblaze bucket? I searched all the topics and couldn’t find anything that explains it. Even installing the restore module it is not possible to restore from backblaze.

The restore I am referring to would be on a fresh clean install of the same version of the nethserver in question. I couldn’t find a way to call the backblaze repository over ssh to restore.

I really appreciate the help.

Thanks! From Brazil!

Iluy Sperry

I guess you need to restore a config backup to get access to the backblaze bucket again. Please check out the disaster recovery documentation or the configuration backup chapter for more details.

This is precisely the doubt. Assuming I want to do a full restore with just the b2 bucket including the configuration. Can I restore to a clean install? Having the restic encryption key is it possible to restore the entire nethserver with just b2?

Something like pointing the clean install to the old repository on b2 and from there pulling the config file to restore independently? Having only the cloud as a full backup for disaster recovery? Is it possible via ssh to make this change? In view of the custody of the restic keys?

Yes, simplest way is to restore a config backup. By restoring the config you restore the backup configuration and are able to restore data.

The restic secret is saved in /var/lib/nethserver/secrets/restic_<backupname>.
I think it’s possible to recreate the secrets file containing the right secret and recreate the backup.
There should be config backups included in the data backup so after restoring data you should be able to completely restore your config. The config backup is /var/lib/nethserver/backup/backup-config.tar.xz

I recommend to have a backup of a configuration backup.
Maybe you could get the backup config /var/lib/nethserver/backup/backup-config.tar.xz out of the restic backup, see restic docs but I never tested.


Thank you very much for the clarifications. But anyway, here’s the suggestion because I couldn’t import the b2 remote restic repositories to enable in a clean install. It would be very interesting if it had this functionality through the gui. As an example a complete restore via B2 where it would be enough to configure the bucket to restore everything. Independent of separate files. Anyway, thanks for the directions.

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I came back here to thank you for the clarification and to mention that I was able to access the backup files from the remote B2 repository. Having the password, just map the remote repository and its snapshot and mount it via restic mount /mnt/restic access the backup file “backup-config.tar.xz” download to the local machine and import in the new installation. In other words, it is possible to use only B2 as a backup for disaster recovery. Thanks again for the help! It is as a suggestion to elucidate this functionality via gui. Who knows in paid versions.Thanks!

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