Restore nextcloud calendar of a user

A user accidently deleted his nextcloud calendar. I have a restic backup configured and would like to know where those caldav calendars are located to restore one of them. Apparently they are stored in a db?

Please let me know how I can restore the nextcloud db containing the calendar of a user from yesterdays backup and howto dump the needed entries from db to restore them back to the livesystem?

Thanks in advance.

Those calendars are in the nextcloud (mariadb) database.
Does this topic on NC forums help?

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Restored /var/lib/nethserver/backup/mysql/nextcloud.dump then:
mysql -u root < /var/lib/nethserver/backup/mysql/.restore-date-time-nextcloud.dump

Thanks @Andy_Wismer :+1:

As only few users working and those only created a couple of calendar entries and nextcloud itself was not heavily used today, I decided to go that way.


Another option for calendars (more selective but more steps involved):


As always a backup is as good as the options to be able to restore (parts of) it. This said, we have several base modules and quite a lot more community modules. Some aren’t that data intense, but several are. Would it be a good practice to have in the documentation of each module what would be the backup and restore tactic and what level of backup-restore can be identified for that specific module?