Restore from backup

(Enzo P) #1

first of all thank you, I think you’re doing an excellent job with NH.

Turning to the question, I would like to ask if it was possible to recover a backup bare metal to a certain date, for example, to recover a deleted folder.
I found some instructions only for the recovery configuration backup at a specified date.

thanks in advance


(Roberto Sitzia) #2

Hi @Enzo

in NethServer you can configure backup in two ways:

  1. 1 Full + daily incrementals
  2. 1 Full at a day

In both ways you can configure when they are eraseable 1 week, 2 week…never.
For instance, If you configure 1 week you will be able to restore your deleted folder since 7 days ago.


Thanks Roberto,

backup is clear to me, my question was related to restore at a given date, for example, 10 days ago

(Stéphane de Labrusse) #4

You have some documentation, I don’t know if you are aware