Restore Backup From A Shared Folder Using Duplicity

How do restore files that were backed up to a shared folder using Nethserver 7.7 Duplicity however after upgrading to 7.9 I don’t see any way to do this.


Hi Steve

Sounds like you’re still stuck on the old NethGUI and haven’t looked at the new cockpit…

The old NethGUI (Port 980) can’t do a restore, and can only create a backup using duplicity. The newer cockpit can do 3-4 different types of backup (duplicity, restic, etc), and can also control the restore!

Try it!

My 2 cents

I have looked at the NethGUI cockpit under restore dont see an option to restore from my old backup which is located in a shred folder titled backup.

It needs a configuration backup file, so it can “show” you the backup. In that file (you should find it your Backup) it can then access the path to your backups - and offer you your backups for restore!

Restore the configuration backup first…

Thanks for all your help, However I dont have a configuration file from the Nethserver 7.7 the Duplicity backup files are in a shared folder located in /var/lib/nethserver/ibay/shared.files/backup/

There should be such a configuration-backup there - duplicity does that automatically…
But it’s probably that you need to point the restore to a “.manifest” file.

Another possible option would be to grab the config file from the NethServer 7.7, if that’s still available.

I figured it out using this method from the command line.

duplicity restore file:/path_to_folder_contains_backups /path_where_to_extract_it/