Restic retention and prune no more needed backups

I have a question on pruning / retention settings. I had set a retention of half a year, and reconfigured that to 2 months now. We are using restic.

How can I delete the older backups to free space? Do I have to run the backup job once with the shorter retention, or can I just mount the backup share and execute restic -r /mnt/backupshare prune?

Reading the restic documentation apparently the forget command should be run. How can I run this command correctly so it only keeps the number of backups configured in the backupjob from within cockpit?

After executing a backup, and re-running the said prune command, the number of snapshots was reduced from 169 to 58. I guess that should free the needed space. Waiting the prune command to complete. Will set thread to solved then.


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