Restic backup interval

I’d like to know, if it is possible to have incremental restic backup configured to be taken twice a day. For now I have configured that it takes one backup at midnight. If possible - how would I configure a second incremental backup at lunchtime 12 o’clock? Is that possible? Is it just a matter of creating a second backup job on the same location?

Do NOT create a second backup.
You can simply edit the BackupTime prop.
See the manual:

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Ok, but how can I create a job that backups twice a day - ex. first backup 12.15, second backup 23.45 in one job? I don’t see this possibility in the gui. Is it possible?

No, I think it’s really a special case.

It’s cron style syntax so I think it’s easier to do something like

db backups setprop backup-data BackupTime '0 0,12 * * *'
signal-event nethserver-backup-data-save

This example should set the start of backup-data to 12:00 and 0:00.