Restarting changes subnet

Hello Community,

I got a weird one for ya.
This is the basic view of my network.

Everything is runs fine, except when I have a power outage or I restart NethSecurity router.
As you can see in the image, my Local subnet is set to in NethSecurity.

Both the Access points (TP-Link & Tenda) are set to AP mode, meaning they get IP from upstream router i.e, NethSecurity.

But when I restart NethSecurity, it takes from either Tenda or TP-Link.
Even tho i have specified that only eth5 is WAN, and rest everything is LAN.

How do i go about troubleshooting and fixing this.

Adding rest of the images here because the forum is only allowing me to embed one image

Look for udhcpc in /var/log/messages to see who gave the IP address.
I suspect cabling problems.

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Turns out it was not an issue with NethSecurity at all.
Both the access points creates their own subnet if upstream router is not detected while booting.

And I was checking from my phone and mac, both were connected to Wi-Fi. Over the weekend I checked from LAN connected computer and Zimaboard(NethSec) is working fine.

Thanks for the steps, it turned out to be really helpful while troubleshooting.