Resolving hostname not just domain with DNS

NethServer Version: NethServer 7.8.2003 your_version

Hello, I’m brand new to all this kind of topics, but I have to… in fact this is my very post on this community…I’ve tried to look around for an answer but I was unable to find something.

There is a way to resolve an hostname in a DNS alike way?
we are a little team working remotely usually managing the host file for domain and host name …
the main idea is to avoid to manually insert in host file anymore and centralize in one machine.
I’ve been able to set the DNS so far, but the system it apper to just deny any name that is not a domain…

any help will be very appreciate.

How do you connect to the nethserver?
Via openvpn roadwarrior?

if yes, add these two commands at the end of the openvpn configuration file on each computer (not on the server)


this should allow you to redirect all client dns requests to the nethserver dns server.
at that point just add the host names (complete with domain) and their IP in the nethserver dns server

of course computers that are in the local network and have dns pointing to nethserver should work without problems and without having to set up vpn


Hi Saitobenkei, thanks for reply :slight_smile:
we are in same network LAN, I’ve just add the the address to the nethserver as dns in all pc…

trying to clean all the host file having one big unifed list for all domain but this wont work for hostname…

therefore we dont connect with openvpn, nethserver is our AD server…


I’ve solved my own issue using DNS Manager on windows 10. ( formely RSAT ) there I was able to add host ( A or AAA ). my network computer were able to reach the host only after domain joined.
but now my network do the job.

if anyone need more info about this I will be happy to help.