Resize partition, decrease partition

(kai) #1

NethServer Version: 7.5.1804

Hey guys, i have a question about resizing a partition. i have 2 partitions, the boot sda1 which is okay, the second sda2 is very big, i want tu reduce it. is this possible?


(Rob Bosch) #2

You can resize through terminal. LVM partitions are quite flexible for this.
This can help:

Be careful not to resize less than the data on the partition.

Alternatively you could use a bootable CD or USB with Gparted

(kai) #3

Hey @robb thanks a lot for your advice, but it doesent work :frowning: for me, i try it with the gparted live-cd and without. today i got another strange problem, if i try to make an update i got this.

i tried to fix it with xfs_repair but also not works. maybe there is a problem with the harddisk…

Anyone maybe have a link or a how to, for try to fix this?

(Giacomo Sanchietti) #4

Take look here


(kai) #5

thank you guys, have figured out that the Problem is not a error in the filesystem. i only get this error whith one update, bind-utils. all other stuff work like it should be. no idea what the problem is.