Resize file system on EC2 instance

Hi, I have just looked at nethserver 6 and 7 and how they behaive in an ec2 enviroment. It´s just a minimal setup with all the restrictions that come with the aws free tier nstances.

That said, I encounter one major issue when it comes to ip address settings in association with proxy and vpn - I have just locked myself out and the best option was to terminate and start over again, the second issue is about filesystem size. Nethserver on realise 7 does a resize of the partition on first install (standard aws image 8 GB --> 30 GB) where this dosnt happen on 6.

Any suggestion how to resize whitout much hassle (snapshot ect…) and how to deal with network details whitout locking yourself out?

Thank you, Peter

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Hi, I’ve not experience with EC2 but these articles might be of help in resizing the file system (proceed with care):