Reset Zabbix admin password

NethServer Version: 7.9.2009
Module: Zabbix 0.0.1
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Dear Sir,

I have setup NS7 over proxmox for our site unit with Samba4 AD, and intent to use Nextcloud to sync files stored in shared folder of fileserver for the mobile user’s laptop, and Zabbix for monitoring of Server and devices
I need you assistant in the following

  1. Need to reset the Zabbix admin password. Mails are not setup. And local db is used and AD integration was not made yet.
  2. I am going to publish both Zabbix and Nextcloud on WAN – What is the best secured way to do that – Any port change required, or virtual home page rather default Nethserver Introductory webpage.
  3. Critical Alert via mail/Telegram. (I am not using Nethserver’s Mail Server)
  4. Working on small utility web application based on PHP, Mysql (WAMP-- Codeigniter3/4). Can I use the Nethserver for that. Small guide/assistant would be helpful.
  5. Advice on how to secure the server. The firewall will be opensource PFSense, with 443 port forward only and for internal server fail2ban is already installed.


Morning Tejas!

All of my clients have their Zabbix available - no issues or hacks in 5 years…
Fail2ban is almost a must!

My 2 cents

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Nethserver Zabbix uses PostgreSQL.

Reset password of “Admin” to default “zabbix”:

Use psql to edit the database:

su - postgres -c "psql zabbix"

Update Admin with new password:

update users set passwd='$2y$10$92nDno4n0Zm7Ej7Jfsz8WukBfgSS/U0QkIuu8WkJPihXBb2A1UrEK' where alias='Admin';




No, it should be safe.
You may use more complex login methods like 2FA for your apps (not always easily possible).

Here is a link to the Zabbix Telegram howto and some more interesting Zabbix templates.

Check out the wiki for more information.

Create a virtualhost, choose your wanted PHP version, put your codeigniter files to the virtualhost file space and you’re done.

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