Rerverse Proxy module in nethserver

Hello my friends,
i need a explanation.
I would like to test reverse proxy module in nethserver.
reading the nethserver documentation:
is necessary that nethserver where is installed reverse proxy is the firewall/gateway of the lan??

You can redirect port 80 and 443 with a port forwarding to an internal server and then use it as reverse proxy. I think there isn’t any problem.

ok thanks for you feedback.
i need some other test for a working configuration.

I have a working configuration with a reverse proxy on an internal server. Have you already tried to configure it?

Hi Luca_Menghetti,

I have MediaWiki installed on a LOCAL server ( MediaWiki is installed as a vhost in the directory /var/lib/nethserver/vhost/mediawiki.

I use Reverse Proxy module on the LOCAL server ( to redirect acces to

All is working fine.


I have configured reverse proxy, but I have problems to access in some case. In the next days I investigate about this. Thanks