Request for changing the categories colors

I’d like changing the Bug category color from brown to red, to use the same color of the bug tracker:

I’d like to use the same colors (wherever possible) for GitHub labels and Discourse categories.

I’ve experimented the brown color for bug label on GitHub, but looks bad. The default for bugs on GitHub is red, and seems reasonable to me.

What do you think?


sounds reasonable. If it helps your workflow, go ahead.

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Usually, the red color means attention, something is going wrong, …
The bugs are something wrong. So, the red color is the proper color for bugs.

In this case the color for the “Announcements” must be changed: could be orange - ATTENTION!

But, in this case the color of the “Support” must be changed. Support means HELP! What color may be proper for HELP?

To be continued!


I prefer to not change main categories here (I mean “main” as very used) like: features, development/testing, support and community.
People are used to recognizing them by colour and I don’t want to break this habit.
I agree with changing Bug from brown to Red and Announcement in another not too similar to the existent colours


The topic is “Request for changing the categories colors”.

I wanted to put a warning sign on to what mean to do that.
That’s why I wrote “to be continued”.


You’re right!

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Changed, Announcement is a vivid orange now, very different to Support. How does it look?