Request for a new theme for the wiki

I’d like to add a theme to like
Both sites are running docuwiki, I hope it will be straightforward.


Love it :yum:
@stephdl @giacomo What does that involve?

If you know the name of theme, and the theme is available in upstream repository, I can enable it.

I think it’s bootstrap3.

Now I understand why I like it. :slight_smile:

It should be “Bootstrap3 template”.
I’m using it in my internal wiki

Check it out and report back.

I would also know the opinion of master wiki users. @alefattorini could please invite them all?

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My first impression it looks better (headings/sections…)

I can’t have a complete list but I feel like mentioning @WillZen @Jim @apradoc @docs_team @robb @enzoturri

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honestly I prefer when the line is displayed on the full width…a long line and it is cut.


I think it is here:
I’ve browsed trough the examples and it looks nice. :slight_smile:

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For what it’s worth my opinion, I prefer this new theme! :panda_face:

I also prefer the new look. Only change: The horizontal lines are too light :eyeglasses:

I am in favor for usability, and I think this new theme adds to that. I think this new theme is helping a lot to make the wiki an easier-to-use environment.


Let’s go for the new theme :smile:

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