Request:Developer QA Discussion Session. Video Meeting

Kudos to the @dev_team for their wonderful works and immense effort to Deliver a complete rewrite of a robust and wonderful Product for Tech enthusiast, Home Lab fanatics, Businesses and corporates alike.

The Time and Effort you have put in to deliver on the project within and possible even before the promised timelines is great.

ns8 is at a moment where, while alot of testing is being done to get the core product feature ready, we need to take note of the fact that nethserver has a wonderful and supporting community, both of testers, visionaries and Developers who have worked hard to build and implement modules over the years for all the previous versions of Nethserver.

We need to carry forward on this, and since NS8 unlike the previous versions before it has so many things handled differently.

NethServer 8 Beta 2 Released :rocket: - Announcements / Release Notes - NethServer Community
With the current BETA2 I believe is the best time to hold a Developer session, for existing, new and Potential Developer contributors for the platform. A pure geek out discussion on:

  1. HOW TO Modules in ns8 work
  2. HOW TO to install Standard Software, PHP, Dependancy based like Java etc…
  3. HOW TO install Container Based Apps, existing docker etc…
  4. HOW TO build Modules (I know there is a Guide) but sometime a video does it better
  5. HOw to Submit / Push created modules to the NEth repo etc…

After all these, we can have a Q/A session on things the users/Dev might want to know.
Other advanced users can present their learning etc. tag @mrmarkuz @danb35 @Andy_Wismer @pike @capote @stephdl @michelandre @fausp and others not mentioned.

This video can be recorded, and Bits of the videos can be cropped to be uploaded to say youtube etc, for future refences.

I am sure this will Help alot on getting more community based Modules built onto NS8 byt the time we get to RC as well as to a Release, we might already have a huge chunk of community Modules ready to go, or be adopted by the Dev team.

I am sure some people might be happy to build a module and complete it, but may not be able to maintain it, so it could be adopted by the dev team and an official Module.

What are your thoughts on this?


I’m more than happy to have a video meeting on NS8.
Not sure if it’s easy to describe how to build a module, but we can try it.

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One Appriach woud be to build small Modules during the session.
of 3 common types, because thats mostly where most modules fall under.

  1. SImple Modules. these are standard PHP or applications withhout much complications, that could be implemented as module, with support for some Yaml configs, or config files having an interface on NS8 for management. i.e ( Dolibbar, Matomo, Yourls)

For more complex scenrios, we could even have configs that need to be added into Database for the same.

  1. Existing Images for solutions, that are not too complex or complicated, say a docker file exisitng, or solutions with existing docker env files etc (docker-compose, docker file, )

  2. More complex modules, with more moving parts (Zabbix, Zammad, tacticalRMM, Gitlab, Matrix)

These are just but examples, while some docker compose files might have more complex config standards, and other solutions with standard installations as well.
There are other which provide both docker and normal installations.

You don’t need to use my examples, you can chose any other tools, and it means you would have to have built test those modules, so that its easier as you are taking us through, other than figuring out what went wrong.

it would be great though to begin with those already here: modules [NethServer Wiki]

that way, its like we are reducing the gap altogether

A general approach could be fun to introduce the development of a module but like any dev stuff we are doing each time a specific job for a need that is unical

I recall some course online done by the team and yes it was fabulous.

We only need few things to build a module, vim, git, podman, systemd and curl

Basically, whatever knowledge that is necessary to introduce any developer, either pro or medium to get things done, is a welcome, the rest ofcourse would be learnt over time.

sure there were some tutorial, but those were for ns7, even @mrmarkuz and @michelandre helped me to get some modules into ns7, with that regards the knowledge is verily available, as for ns8, its just the docs, abit more scope i believe would be required to get things moving abit further from our end.

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Sounds great, are there any speakers that want to join us? Happy to help organize the meeting

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We have a big meeting here in Italy at the end of October and we’re going to attend as speakers another OSS event (check Nethesis in the agenda)
After that, I will be pleased to organize such QA, mid-November?



  • 2023-11-24T14:00:00Z
  • 2023-11-24T16:00:00Z

Vote: 15:00hrs Italy time

Just before closing off the week at work and the first beer on a Friday :wink:

the first one would work best i think,

we dont want it to be too late, considering its a friday…

Do you prefer friday morning?

That would be very inconvenient for any US based or Asia based persons.

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its 5 pm EAT my time

I’d focus on the first point, and if we have time also the second one. /cc @alefattorini

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I guess a final date/time has to be set. Also a final agenda and timeframe.

I think more of us cannot prep and throw this in a last minute notice. A follow up meeting would be wise too to address questions or outcomes of actions.

I make it that everybody is welcome to attend, even non devs?

Let’s talk about it. Thanks for asking @LayLow @oneitonitram