Req: PHPLadAdmin App Additional Ldap configs


We are All aware the OpenLdap provides more parameters than are offered on the Nethserver Interface.

IN NEthserver 7, we had PhpLdapAdmin that was provided as a community module by @stephdl . phpldapadmin [NethServer Wiki]

Would it be possible or feasible to have a similar App implemented into NEthserver 8 as well as an Official App?

If this is not the case,

Would Nethserver 8 Expose More Additional Parameters of OpenLdap in the Interface to not require having such an Implementation for Nethserver 8.

I thought i had seen somewhere a discussion about having more Ldap option in Nethserver 8 interface…

My thoughts are, Implementing a separate tool just for adding additional parameters is “uncool” considering maybe adding a few extra additional field on User Data would/ might be easier and less security risk