Report of provider failures

Hello everyone,

I am using Nethserver 6 and I have the MultiWAN enabled as I have 2 providers - 2 red interfaces. This works as a load balancer. I was wondering if there is any way how to download a report (for let’s say last 30 days) to see if either of the 2 providers had an outage (so basically the interface was down) and for how long this was?

Thanks a lot!

Traffic reports?

No, not really. Status of the red interfaces in the GUI are UP (green) or DOWN (red). I would like to see how many times which of the interfaces was DOWN, that means the provider had an outage.

Maybe in log of the server you can find when interface goes up and down.

Could you please guide me where can I find that? Is that available via GUI, log reports? Any particular from those many available, please?

Or actually I’ve got an idea … not sure if it works … but does anyone have any kind of notification (email?) when any of the providers fail and then when it’s back online?

Hello @MarianH,

Yes, it is:


You may set it up in GUI and check if a mail was sent in the logfile /var/log/maillog:



Lovely, found it. Thanks
Any particular part of message I could try to search (to avoid reading through so many lines)?
I tried lsm, because if I am not mistaking, that should be module that is for load balancing, but no luck.

You may search for “down” and then open the firewall log:

From the docs:

See /var/log/firewall.log to check for up/down events.

Perfect. Thanks a lot!