Report of provider failures


(Marian Hlusek) #1

Hello everyone,

I am using Nethserver 6 and I have the MultiWAN enabled as I have 2 providers - 2 red interfaces. This works as a load balancer. I was wondering if there is any way how to download a report (for let’s say last 30 days) to see if either of the 2 providers had an outage (so basically the interface was down) and for how long this was?

Thanks a lot!

(Michael Kicks) #2

Traffic reports?

(Marian Hlusek) #3

No, not really. Status of the red interfaces in the GUI are UP (green) or DOWN (red). I would like to see how many times which of the interfaces was DOWN, that means the provider had an outage.

(Michael Kicks) #4

Maybe in log of the server you can find when interface goes up and down.

(Marian Hlusek) #5

Could you please guide me where can I find that? Is that available via GUI, log reports? Any particular from those many available, please?

(Marian Hlusek) #6

Or actually I’ve got an idea … not sure if it works … but does anyone have any kind of notification (email?) when any of the providers fail and then when it’s back online?

(Markus Neuberger) #7

Hello @MarianH,

Yes, it is:


You may set it up in GUI and check if a mail was sent in the logfile /var/log/maillog:


(Marian Hlusek) #8

Lovely, found it. Thanks
Any particular part of message I could try to search (to avoid reading through so many lines)?
I tried lsm, because if I am not mistaking, that should be module that is for load balancing, but no luck.

(Markus Neuberger) #9

You may search for “down” and then open the firewall log:

From the docs:

See /var/log/firewall.log to check for up/down events.

(Marian Hlusek) #10

Perfect. Thanks a lot!