Replace Apache with Caddy?

Yes, I know this would be a fairly radical change for Nethserver, but perhaps it can be considered for NS8…

I’ve long been a fan of the Caddy web server. It automatically handles TLS certs (obtaining and renewing them from Let’s Encrypt and ZeroSSL, in case one CA is having problems); implements a modern, sane, and secure TLS configuration; and implements a much simpler configuration syntax. In particular, reverse proxies are trivial to implement in Caddy: {

That’s it–given those three lines, Caddy will obtain and renew certs for, automatically redirect http to https, and proxy that FQDN to the specified IP:port. I haven’t found a web app yet for which the default reverse proxy settings don’t work, though they can be tuned if needed.

For other configurations (not involving a reverse proxy), Caddy is once again much simpler than Apache or nginx. For one example, the complete server config for a Nextcloud installation is only 44 lines (38 excluding whitespace). When I was using Apache for this, it required over 1000 lines of configuration files.

If NS8 is going to depend heavily on containers for its services, it’s going to need a reverse proxy. Caddy will be much simpler to configure than Apache or Nginx. I think it’s worth some serious consideration.


Thank you for sharing / pointing this out.

Besides consideration for NS8, have a simple and effective use case right now:
caddy file-server
Works like a charm to create a temporary local software repository for a project you work on.

I see EPEL has a RPM for Caddy, but it’s version 1.0. Caddy 2.0 is pretty much a complete rewrite and (unfortunately, though apparently of necessity) badly breaks backward compatibility, and they’re currently up to 2.3.0. I’ll see if I can get a RPM built and pushed out to my repo.

Edit: Turns out there’s an official Caddy RPM:

It doesn’t include any of the DNS plugins, though.

And it doesn’t look like I can build a RPM myself; the version of git that CentOS7 uses is too outdated, and installing an updated version of git breaks some important things like nethserver-mock.

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Caddy is quite nice and we are already using it on a couple of projects.

We also used which is a bit more complex but really powerful.
Finally, we are evaluating which could be a real game changer.


If I understand Go correctly, its binaries should run anywhere with the correct architecture (i.e., Linux/x64), regardless of whether the distro matches. Based on that, I set up a simple build environment under FC33 and built a Caddy RPM there, including all the DNS validation modules (if you don’t need any DNS validation, you’re probably better off using the official RPM I linked above). It will be available in my repo within an hour or so.


Caddy 2.4.0 was released the other day; updated RPM is built and available in my repo if desired:


Updated for 2.4.1.


Updated for 2.4.2.


Updated for 2.4.6. Some time between 2.4.5 and 2.4.6, they’ve added a Google Cloud DNS plugin, so that’s now built into the RPM too.