Replace Apache(httpd) with NginX

I was thinking: Is it possible to forget about httpd and use NginX to server the web-admin? Why is apache prefered to nginx? It is clear that ngiinx is way better than apache, tho apache is used by more people (cause nginx is youngher)

So then? :slight_smile: Who is with me?

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I will be the evil advocate, before to think to replace apache by Nginx, it is better to create the equivalent nethserver-virtualhost, nethserver-php-scl for nginx. People wants to use the mouse, few want to use the command line.

my 2c


Sorry but I don’t catch it! Why nginx is better than apache? For server-manager? :thinking:

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Some interesting (IMO) comparison articles:

The most common conclusions:

  • static content: use Ngnix
  • dynamic content: use Apache
  • “use a combination of both: put Nginx in front of Apache as a reverse proxy”

Server Manager wants PHP. Apache provides it out of the box in CentOS.


The company I’m at was using Apache, but I’ve replaced it with NginX. It serves the websites faster for us, and it is not complicated at all. Plus it has a built in feature to loadbalance in case of multiple WAN-s out of the box, without HAProxy. In fact, I’ve read that NginX is even better for loadbalancing than HAProxy.

Check this out:

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I sure would like this option. For the rest (maybe because I am familiar with apache and way less with nginx) keep apache as default httpd.

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Even in our infrastructure we use Nginx to serve web sites instead of Apache.

But there is no real difference for a server with few websites and medium load and of course this is not the case for the server manager :slight_smile:

By the way, you can think to replace httpd instance on port 80/443 with nginx and configure a proxy pass for the server manager. But please note that nginx is not supported by any event or template.

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I’m avare of that. I’ll try to replace it wnd I’ll report back. Just out of quirosity. :smiley:



Someone mentioned you in my recent post about Improving Nextcloud speed.

Every time i had to deal with slow webservers i ended up replacing them with Nginx and seen major performance improvements.:slight_smile:

So I’m pro +1 for replacing Apache with Nginx

Nginx is already as mature and wildly used in production as apache is.
For me it just simplified stuff and improved performance each and every time.
They also have a commercial product, Nginx Plus.

see Replace Apache(httpd) with NginX


Apache can provide enough and server-manager runs well with it.
I think Nextcloud could benefit the most from Nginx.

how can you trade with nethserver-httpd which is installed by default, you cannot use the same tcp 80 port with httpd and nginx

IIUC the idea is to have apache only for server manager (and when cockpit base one will arrive it won’t be necessary anymore) and nginx for all the web apps…

it is feasible, but it means that all modules that work in apache (ocs, for example) must be reworked to work with nginx… IMVHO, useless

Sometime when you look the amount of work, it is the best way to do nothing, you know what I mean :smiley:
More seriously when you want to make a scalable web server, nginx is the way…but sure a lot of work is needed for integration.

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Apache isnt going anywhere, its still supported, updated and stable. Nginx is certainly slightly better in the sense you can do a fair bit more but there is no reason for nethserver to switch IMO. Something built from the ground up, it would be good to use nginx, something like this, a solid project on centos, doesnt make sense.

Nethserver should not host nextcloud anyways…IMO. Use freenas or another server to do that. My nextcloud is running on nginx, but I am running it in a BSD jail with the freedom to install whatever backend I want. IMO the gateway should be separate from the NAS or file/media storage if at all possible so that the security/firewall is on a dedicated machine.

I like that Nethserver provides an option to easily install Nextcloud.
I didn’t ment to run all on one server, but instead of freenas or something else i would opt for a Nethserver VM, that would run Nextcloud.
You also say you run Nextcloud with Nginx
Good choice :slight_smile:

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I would opt for both. In terms of storage, you want freenas. In terms of everything else, you want nethserver or proxmox, depending on your need. This my opinion after reviewing most options, ranging from rhel to M$, and from freenas to hp.

For medium business to small enterprise I would recommend a truenas (no ssd) for storage, a freenas for backup, a proxmox for virtualization (with igel tc’s) and nethserver for everything else.

Linux Mint if you can get away with it, win10 otherwise for clients.

Howto is in the making :stuck_out_tongue:

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