Renewall of infrastructure

Hello there dear brothers, I am waiting for the arrival of my hpz600 and the following Upgrade on next month, final config will be dual xeon X5647 4 (8 threads each processor), 48 GB of ram 2 Tb raid, quadro P2000… Main projet migrate m’y nethservers AD and router, firewall, ids and etc, with 3 ethernet cards (1wan,1lan,1maybe for cluster proxmox), windows and Linux vms with gpu passtrough on it, and finaly I will put one ubiquiti us8 vlan switch managable to top… Toughts ?? Ps do you have any tutorial about roaming profiles on Macos, thanks the brotherwood

Have you a specific reason to virtualize your firewall?

For a proxmox cluster you need 2 servers. If you want live migration, you need 3 nodes and shared storage. Maybe it’s good to provide for future expansion, but it takes quite some investment before for instance you can actually use live migration.

You want to move your current environment to new hardware. If you can be a bit more specific, I think we can help better. IMO best practise is to design for reasoonble future growth. If you overdimensioning too much you will be throwing away (a lot of) money.


Hi Vitor

Have a look at my WIP here:
You might find some ideas there.
It’s still Work in Progress, but what’s there holds!

Send me a PM / Mail for more concrete infos / ideas!

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For Live Migration a 2 node cluster with shared storage is sufficient. 3 Nodes get you High Availability with automatic migration.

Yes 1 server only instead of 3 physical ones, and one of them I will try to find a nas to backup proxmox baremetal… Or vms… I have already I forgot… :blush:

Salut andy, merci pour ton schéma :grin:

I want to put 1 vm nethserver with 2 network cards in this one it will replace my nethserver physical router, the 2 nethserver AD file server will be another vm, the active directory joined windows vms will be the next, another nethserver to backup the file server ibay shares… And Linux vms into nethserver AD joined to… The rest I need to put in place and learn an pxeserver, vm gpu passtrough…

Salut Vitor

Your first step would be getting the Proxmox (This, or bext month, if I’m correct…) and setting that up.

Does the new box come with hardware RAID?

If it doesn’t come with a Hardware RAID, even better. Proxmox is really easy to setup, especially if you’re local and not using a “Hosted” server. Even using ZFS has become really easy - and ZFS is the best FileSystem available.

I just helped a friend setup his “hosted” Proxmox. We had to start with a simple Debian, and then install Proxmox on Debian. Debian does not come with the nice ZFS installer… :frowning:
I learned how to add in a RAID1 ZFS on 2 3TB HDs, it works excellently. I’m even surprised at how performant the whole thing is. It’s about the same power as the server you’re getting, but has an additional SSD (Proxmox OS).

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Mac Profile Sync…

Theoretically it IS possible…

I have set that up for clients (about 10) in the past, but always using a Mac Server (Mac Mini 2012, last Server 5.3.1). It does work, at least until Mojave. The newer Catalina does not work very well with the older Server, all older MacOS do work well with the Mac Server.

My last Mac Mini Server fried during a major power outage, and I haven’t got a replacement since. I might look around on eBay, if I find one…

I never got it working with Open Source LDAP et Al…

It does work, if you have a NethServer AND a Mac Server…

-> I’m still a major Mac User. My Macbook is +8 years old, still original Battery, and works 4h+ on Battery…
I will get a new one this year, however, if everything goes according to plan.


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Yes normal we can set up raid hardware on hpz600 workstation, I need to recheck that and thanks for the Mac advice I will, end by join it to AD and install the same software base on all macs, next nethserver ibay shares on startup into Mac login…

When I get my new Hardware (Timeframe 1-2 Months) I will play around with installing MacOS on Proxmox (On Mac Hardware, so it’s actually legal!). Once working, I’ll get Server 5.3.1 working…

Just for personal use at home, I do have a few Macs / Macbooks… :slight_smile:

Clone the Mac with CCC (CarbonCopyCloner, the best Mac cloning tool) or use Migration (under utilities) to Migrate your Apps AND Profile… It’s much faster than doing everything twice or more often!

A CCC license is not too expensive, and is a great tool. You can install it on all your Macs! No limit!

I have tryed and in virtualbox works but the boot works 1 at 2 times correctly… IT was on virtualbox into m’y main machine, otherwise later when I have all the nethserver and clients more or less the way I want… I will jump into macosx vms

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This is a friends home LAN, also using a virtualized OPNsense firewall.
His old hardware died (Soekris), so I setup a VM Firewall.
It worked so well we never replaced it.
If I ever need to reboot the Proxmox, I can login again within 4-5 Minutes with VPN!

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Hello andy, how are you ? hpz600 has arrived… Brand New not so much ram, I will buy next month and disks, because m’y hpz600 have only one disk… the Upgrade will be until 48Gb of ram and he came already with 2 xeon x5647 16threads total… Next I need to get rid of the physical nethserver, migrating to a virtualised one on proxmox, the second nethserver (file server also too virtualised)… A lot of job to do … Gradualy… Energy consomption with the hpz600 always turning on… I have already maybe 2 clients already, for the windows vms with ad+vpn nethserver access+gpu passtrough (for the graphical apps Adobe suite, office 2019 and 3d stuff, I have 1 graphics card more to the second slot pci-express, will be dedicated to the vms… 750ti… :tired_face:, at least if I had one about 6Gb Gddr5 it could be Nice, but I dont have so much money to spent on it…

Salut Vitor

Je suis aller le mardi / mercridi à Francfort / Main par train. Y aller = 6h. Retour un IC sont canceller par DB, ca dur 10h! :frowning:

Mais tout es bien!

Nice Hardware specs you’ve got there. More rAM and Disks would be better, but you can always start now, when the time comes and you’ve got more disks, you can save your VMs, flatten Proxmox, and reinstall with ZFS RAID1… :slight_smile:

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@Vitor_Hugo_Barbosa I don’t know how your budget is, but a GTX 1050 is far more energy efficient than GTX-750ti

Well not much but I will see the 1050Ti and put on paper all the considérations too reflect on… I dont want to spend extra money on a New Graphics card, for now… Already reserved the Upgrade next month, so misses also 2 hard drives 1Tb at least to Zfs array failover… But if I wait the disk, I need to wait 2 months to buy the disks, or lvm based one…:tired_face:

Ohhh alright Nice… I need to put the machine on save the vms into nethserver fileserver and reeinstall proxmox zfs, then restore them later into the new upgrated machine…

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Don’t store / backup your VMs on Nethserver, if Nethserver is running virtualized in Proxmox!
Use an external USB Disk or something else. It’s only for migrating from Proxmox to Proxmox on the same hardware (After reinstall with RAID1)…


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Backup of vms will be on the 2nd physical nethserver (file server), or nas :wink:

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