Renaming HowTo Discourse category in Docs

Lately I have seen several discussions about wiki and docs in the “community category”.
I would suggest renaming the existing HowTo category into Docs (like the great Docs Team!) using it for all discussions about Documentation, Manuals and Wiki. Then I can move all discussions into it.
What do you think about? @AbsyntH, @sitz, @Ctek, @stephdl, @WillZen, @Jim


I prefer rename HowTo in User Guide


As I said, I’d like to choose a “generic” name which can cover all discussions about manuals, wiki, newcomers howtos, user guide, getting started howto, dev howtos, modules documentation… everything.
We have already used “Docs” on our main site and for our Team, maybe it suits better.

To complete my precedent answer:
In the actual HowTo ( for user) to rename this corner and howtos in User Guide()

For the theveloper corner, translation corner, Quality corner ( for makers in general) to continue to use HowTo, Best Practise, Maker Guide(s)

Edit: For this reason, I let clasify User Guide on the top of the page, and let the mandatory & contributor guide at the butom
The place is for user first

I can’t get if we’re talking of the same thing, I mean this:

Moving some discussions into that.

Am I more clear now?


From my side I am fine with your proposal @alefattorini


I was talking about the wiki part :wink:


Good, I understand your comment now :smile: