Rename the wiki


I’m not satisfy with the our Dokuwiki name, actually is ** NethServer Doc**.
The “doc” is the diminutive of Doctor or Documentation or something else?
The dimunutive is not good, even serious… So it’s bad.

It’s the pool season :laughing:
So one more pool, I would like an other name like:

  • NethServer Documentation
  • NethServer Knowlede Base
  • NethServer Wiki

Finally, What’s up, Doc? :laughing:

The vote of Doc team member count as double one
Because… It’s Doc ready :smile_cat:

Finally, What’s up, Doc? :laughing:

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My vote is NethServer Documentation

NethServer Wiki :neutral_face:

NethServer Knowledge Base (Knowledge is Power :wink:)

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I like NethServer Wiki.

  • it’s clear and effective
  • everyone knows what a wiki is
  • we have always called it “the wiki”
  • the site is currently

+1 NethServer Wiki

I always take information from “wiki” as “guiding”, as “first contact”, as “good to know”, as …

If I want to find accurate information about something (a software product in our case) I will read the official documentation, wherever will be: official site, official wiki page, …

If I want to know certainly how-to, regarding NS, I will read “The Knowledge Base” on the “NethServer Wiki Page”! :wink:

Nethserver wiki

What about yours toughs @giacomo, @davidep, @filippo_carletti ?

:thumbsup: NethServer Wiki is a no-brainer, reflects the site host name, definitely I’d go with it!

I stand with this! :smile:

NethServer Wiki

NethServer Wiki here…

Poll closed I think, NethServer Wiki is the winner :muscle:
Who can finalize it? @stephdl

Will do asap

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done ->


Thank you, @Jim are you happy? :smile: