Rename server domain name

NethServer Version: 7.3 RC3
Module: Note sure

Folks, after setting up NethServer 7.3 RC3 I discovered a typo in the domain group missing one letter. Understanding that samba would be bound I followed the Factory Reset for the DC procedure to the letter and rebooted the server. what I’ve discovered is that I still cannot rename the server as it says

Fully qualified domain name
Users and groups provider already configured”

But if it’s reset it shouldn’t say that. Users/Groups admin tabs show nothing nor can reconfigure the domain. It should be noted that I had a machine join the domain after I created it and created a share with groups. Even though I delete the created share and followed the Factory reset procedure it thinks something is still there. The Interface implies I can change the host name but obviously I can’t just “do that”.

I’ve tried removing the Active Directory service using the Software Manager. Something else strange: I also removed the Network Folder services but the options in the left hand navigation for Domain manager, users/groups and even shared folders are still there even though I’ve uninstalled the packages. The links don’t appear to be valid as they hang when I try to use them, but they should be removed when the packages are uninstalled shouldn’t they? (Installing the menu is refreshed)

I’m guess the uninstaller as well as the Factory Reset for the Dc needs to reset the config files properly and it’s not 100%. I mentioned this in another topic. Anyway, guess for now in this version you have to do a complete reinstall from scratch to make any server names or DC name changes. Would be really cool if you guys could fix this, or at least make the web interface behave as expect with regards to removeing the nethserver-dc or nfs share manager packages as well as the ability to rename the server. (which is where this all started)

Oh, in addition: reboot makes the shared file menu options go away, but SSSD service won’t start, OpenVPN won’t start and I can’t view it’s contents either (whole web interface hangs and I can’t navigate to other pages after that unless I reboot the server) . And the message in red of “Unqualified DN” (? i flashes so fast I can’t read it). is appearing when I can navigate.

AFAIK the Server Manager web interface forbids any change to FQDN if the sssd/Provider prop is not “none”.

As a side note, I consider any documented procedure/howto that involves console, editing files by hand and so on as “experimental”. I’m not surprised if things don’t work as expected after a manual procedure. On the other hand, the Server Manager is expected to leave the things consistent.

If your system was not running in production, I suggest reinstalling from scratch.

I’ve done but it seems to take 2 hours on the physical machine (An HP Zeon dual core 3 Ghz machine with 4 GB ram setup in a Raid 6 for root and RAID 1 for boot and bootbios on 3 drives (never used boot bios before)) each drive (4) being 1 TB. on a Proxmox Virtual Server it takes around 15 minutes. (trying to find why the install time is so much faster but then again there is no raid setup in the proxmox VM)

Strange, the procedure in the Factory DC reset in this step:

“config setprop sssd Provider none status disabled” implies that the sssd/Provider is being set to “none”

shouldn’t that in theory work then? hmm…

Looks like it isn’t a supported procedure

I suppose this is the only way to follow.