Remy repository

i try to install from from sthephdl php collect and password tool but the mirror not found

why ?

it’s not clear if you have problem with remi repository or stephdl repository…
but, as far as i know, the stephdl repo is no more active since 1st september…
here you can find a backup of his work, but you should download and install manually…

edit: changed http address to another server

Yes that’s right, in the real life all good things come to an end.

You took an initiative, really thank you dzOOte, they are too much followers in the free software arena, sometime it drives me to despair. All I know today on rpm, perl, coding, sysadmin, I learnt it as an autodidact because a project needs me.

You should follow these howtos and you will have a repository

The only change will be the GitHub - stephdl/nethserver-stephdl at ns6 since you need to point it to the new repository.

you will need to change accordingly

sad but true…

thanks for the link really useful, and also for using github :wink:
I have configured another server as mirror of nethserver (but then I got the idea of trying to do it with docker, and so now I just have to find the time to see if it works).
I’ll try 'to create the repository on the same server using your info.

keep it up, a community (no matter what) need you (hey 41 contribs in sme9contribs it’s a kind of a record :smile: great work)
Thanks again

Sad to read this! As I already said, if you will change your mind:

I’m still involved, but I agree far less than before :frowning:

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