Removing a wrong ip entry from nethserver nsdc container?

If I ping an internal domain-client host1 from another internal domain-client, it resolves with wrong IP. The dns server on the ad clients is the ip of the nethserver serving the ad domain, but the answer seems to come from the ip of the nsdc container.

ping host1 -> Ping for [wrong ip]
ping -> ping for host1.ourdomain.dom [correct ip] ->because I added in system/dns on the domaincontroller system/dns.

Now what I would like to correct is that ping host1(without would resolve to with correct ip.

The dns server on the client which is configured by the neth-dhcp server is the ip of the domaincontroller nethserver but not the nsdc controller ip.

How can a wrong dns entry for host1 in nsdc be deleted/corrected?

Things, I have already tried:

  • ipconfig /flushdns on the pinging client
  • removing host1 from domain, deleting its entry in ad container with rsat tool
  • re-adding it to the domain
  • examining the computer object to find that there is no dns entry that could be deleted

Hi @Elleni,
sorry for the late response.

Did you try to ping host1 from different clients?
If the problem exists only on one client, the client is the problem. If it exists on every client, nethserver is the problem.


Did you check the NSDC samba DNS entries with the Windows DNS Manager (run as domain admin and connect to NSDC IP) ?


Windows DNS Manager? You mean the rsat dns-servertools? There it is, my wrong entry. :slight_smile:

Thank you!


I used this one:

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exactly, thats the one that is installed by adding components in Windows 10 named: rsat dns-servertools :+1:

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