Removing a domain will email be deleted

Ok, i migrated back to office 365 for a friend as he wasn’t happy with Nethserver, that being said i still like it and i still run it, happy to not pay Microsoft prices and it does exactly what i need.

Anyway with the migration had a few hiccups with the email transfers, fixed with help from users on this forum so thankyou.

The first question i have is what happens if i delete the domain from nethserver, does it have any impact on the emails still on the server e.g the existing emails before the migration as i want these to stay for a while until he’s happy everything works.

The second question is he still has another domain on the nethserver box that we want to forward email to the first domain, now on office 365, at present it will forward internally.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated



Hi @derilium

In Linux generally, mail dependant on a user-account, not coupled to a domain. AFAIK, NethServer 7 & 8 are no different in this sense, as long as you leave the users, the mail will still be on that account.

If you delete the users, well, AFAIK, mail is gone…

This should not present any issues, as long as the mail-domain in question is no longer on the NethServer (Configuration and DNS).

Hope this helps.

My 2 cents

Cheers Andy, ill take a snapshot before i delete the domain etc and see what happens.

thanks for coming back to me, greatly appreciated


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