Remove version information from WebTop 4 login page


(Paolo) #1

NethServer Version: 6.9
Module: WebTop 4

How can I remove information about linux, java … etc … version from WebTop 4 login page ?

(Luca Gasparini) #2

Hi @paolo
the change you are requesting can be made manually by editing directly on a specific file contained in a JAR.

The JAR to explode is this:
While the file to edit is this:

In this file you can delete the lines in the section at the end of the file:
"<font face ......> <center> Hosted .... </ center> </ font>"
Then you have to recreate the JAR and restart tomcat with:
service tomcat restart

(Michael Kicks) #3

Hi @lucag, the answer solve the issue, but from a security point of view i would like to ask:
could be useful have an option for disable the version reporting at the login page?

Many MTA and MDA can be configured for no-display version when a software connect…

(gabriele_bulfon) #4

Hi, this is possible on WebTop5, we don’t plan any more changes on WebTop4 anymore


(Paolo) #5

Thanks Luca … I owe you a pint of beer :smiley: