Remove job backup app

Hi, I’m running tests regarding the deletion of app backups.

Performed the deletion of the jopb everything ok , but the backup files remain on the local disk of the apps .

If I want to delete these backup files to recover space, what should I do?

Hi France, which app? which file? Could you make some examples?

Hi davide , I’m referring to the scheduled job for backing up apps . I removed the job and I assume that ns8 only deleted the job and not the fule in the local storage . At least I assume so.

Yes that’s how it works. Removing the schedule does not remove the backup data!

NethServer doesn’t remove backup data in any case: it’s worth mentioning it in the admin’s manual too.

Therefore, each backup destination (aka repository) has its own procedure to reclaim disk space.

For the local storage:

  1. log in on the destination node

  2. enter the rclone-webdav service container:

    podman exec -ti -w /srv/repo rclone-webdav ash -l
  3. remove files and directories as wanted

For remote cloud destinations, refer to the cloud provider docs.