Remove header information

NethServer Version: 7.5.1804
Module: Postfix


is it possible to remove sensitive information from the outgoing e-mail headers such as ip address, server name?


Why do you consider that sensitive information?

So I again ask: why do you consider any of that to be sensitive information? The IP address you’re masking can’t be reached from the Internet. The hostname you’re masking can’t be reached from the Internet. What could be sensitive about them?

It is a request made by the IT staff of the company where we installed Nethserver. I talk to them and I’ll inform you about the answer.


I think the short answer to your question is “no, those can’t be removed, as they’re required by the mail standards to be present”, but I’m having trouble seeing why anyone would care in the first place.

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Many headers can be removed. Search the net for “postfix clean headers” or similar. Or hire a consultant. :slight_smile:

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Really a bad practice.
Headers are necessary for spam fighting.
And many of them are considered mandatory, so removing them will make messages refused by many servers.