RemoteControl an iPad?

I am looking for a solution to control my iPad remotley… Is it possible, and if, is it possible with OSS?

OSS on iOS only if Apple decide to (kHTML aka Safari, CUPS…).
Usually this is the trend.

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Haven’t tried with iPhone/iPad (iOS) but I think RustDesk is able to do it.
Edit: it can control android devices but apparently not iOS ones.
Zoho Assist can share the iPad screen but you cannot control it. Anyway it doesn’t meet your other requirements.

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Anydesk works…

At least remote access, haven’t tested auto-login…

My 2 cents

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AnyDesk is compatible with iOS 11.0, iPadOS 13.0, tvOS 11.0 and newer.
Remote viewing iOS devices is possible with iOS 12.0, iPadOS 13.0, and newer.
Remote viewing tvOS devices is not possible at this time.

Warning: Due to vendor restrictions, remote controlling iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS devices is not currently possible.

If having another Apple Device nearby or on the same wifi network (maybe through VPN could work too?) it is possible to use either “Control Nearby Devices” accessibility feature, or Switch Control.

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