Remote access to File Server files

I am trying to create a server that allows remote users, via VPN, to access the files on the File server. I have attempted to setup the Road Warrior access, but it seems that it does not allow access to the files saved. What I have done:

Installed File server on Neth (Setup a Shared folder and gave read/write access to group)
Installed VPN
Installed DNS and DHCP (configured)
Setup a Group and Users on Neth
Setup VPN for a system user
Enabled OpenVPN Road Warrior with Username and Password authentication in Routed mode
Downloaded the certificates for the user and installed OpenVPN on a Windows laptop
Connected the laptop from a different network using OpenVPN client (connection was successful)
Attempted to map a network drive on the laptop and it fails because it cannot find the network resource

I am thinking it has to do with the different IP scheme or IP only traffic that is allowed in Routed mode, but I am unsure. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hi @erstearns

I think your is a foreign network issue.

I mean, if your NethServer is part of a LAN and your VPN (or OpenVPN) clients are part of, for instance, a IP private class you need to declare this remote LAN as trusted network.

Please take a look here

and go to the “Trusted networks” paragraph.