Reinstall of NethServer-Hardware Issues

Unfortunately, tonight during some work i did a reboot, and the KVM TFT started blinking caps lock,scroll lock, numeric lock, I noticed i lost control of local access to NethServer, I did a restore from a backup, there is a kink in my hardware somewhere, I don’t know what it didnt like, so i will need to do a reinstall, you might not see stuff from me as I catch back up to where i was. I have no idea what the issue is, my guess is that the hardware just didnt like a line i placed in somewhere, I can assure you its not from the distro as i had ssh access the whole time. I need local access as well for certain changes. This is not going to slow me down but a little bit, I didnt want to reimage I have no choice as i have tried everything and it still is acting up. I will monitor this closely as it pertains to Dell Servers or it was a fluke thing.

I shall be back !! :smile:

Nevermind KVM switch went haywire… lol… stupid thing…

No worries :smiley: All’s well that ends well.

backup and nothing lost…thank god id hate to do that all over, my KVM went bad or its being bitchy I have another on the way shortly… for backup …lol