Redirect to nextcloud server

Does anyone have a working example (method and configuration) of a nethserver running as a nextcloud server sitting behind a nethserver running as a firewall (i assuming this is achieved with reverse proxy but im leaving it wide open because i want to replicate your example that works!). I historically had a world of misery trying to get drupal 8 web server accessable behind a nethserver reverse proxy. The URL can be of the form or (either is ok i just want it to work!)
Many thanks

I suggest to setup port forwarding on the firewall NS, just forward TCP ports 80 and 443 from the firewall NS to the nextcloud NS.

You could change the Nextcloud URL from to on the Nextcloud NS by setting up a custom virtual host.

Thanks Markuz… my resistance to that aproach is i am hosting the website also so i would like to forward just the web traffic relating to nextcloud to the nextcloud server…

You are hosting another website on the firewall? Why not hosting it on the nextcloud server?

OK, in this case I suggest a virtualhost (not path) reverse proxy to https://nextcloudserver

Im trying to segregate my infrastructure and host website on another server , not firewall… ill try your nextcloud server suggestion though