Redirect the user logout to the Dashboard

yep this is a side effect and the modification must be done at the core side, we can have a look and propose a pr

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When you logout the root in nethgui, the last url is kept and give a 403 url if you login with a simple user just after.

Of course you must use the same web Browser/computer just after.

what about if the redirected url is the Dashboard (or UserProfile)?

in //usr/share/nethesis/Nethgui/Module/Logout.php

public function prepareView(\Nethgui\View\ViewInterface $view)

  •    $view['nextPath'] = '/' . implode('/', $this->getRequest()->getOriginalPath());
  •    $view['nextPath'] = '/Dashboard';

I don’t if such modification can affect normal behavior.

Maybe @davidep has some ideas.

I’d prefer to check permissions on login and redirect to / if the requested module is not accessible.

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