Redirect Gateway making Nethserver the default gateway for the client

Hi all. Nethserver is really an excellent distribution. I’m replacing the current Zentyal installations, with Nethserver. one thing I can not find in the openvpn option “redirect gateway, make Zentyal the default gateway for the client” with the client are those internal to the LAN that do not have a default gateway set. Beware not the vpn client, who instead has the option “switch client traffic through the VPN”

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ciao a tutti. Nethserver è davvero un ottima distribuzione. sto sostituendo le attuali installazioni zentyal, con Nethserver. una sola cosa non riesco a trovare nelle opzioni di openvpn “redirect gateway, make zentyal the default gateway for the client” con client si intendono quelli interni alla lan che non hanno un default gateway impostato. Attenzione non il client vpn, che invece ha l’opzione “Dirotta traffico dei client attraverso la VPN”

Under the advanced options, select Route all client traffic through VPN.

i tried this, but only route traffic of user A to Nethserver (surf with nethserver wan connection).
i need connect to client behind nethserver without gateway set.

user A --> INTERNET <–WAN NETHSERVER – CLIENT WITHOUT GATEWAY (only in same subnet of nethserver)

Now I understand, sorry.
I think your best option is to use bridge mode in your setup.

SOLVED, it works perfectly.
Thank you