Red Side and Green Side

Hi all

I’m a little confused as to set-up the network on the nethserver. I have 2 nic cards installed.

On eth0 I set the ip to - - on red side. This goes to my modem/router address is

On eth1 I have an un managed switch with a few machines connected up. I gave eth1 - - on green side.

Nothing happened I coulnt ping the gateway ( so I tried to bridge them both. I bridged the eth1 and eth0 gave selected green side. IP info I gave the bridge was - -

Now I cant get connected. So deleted eth0 and eth1.

I logged in to the server with a keyboard and done ifconfig and all I have is br0 with - I tried to set eth0 as before but cant ping anything.

The eth0 is ok.
For eth1 the gateway,i can’t be the same as red, but must be itself (
It will be the gateway for your private lan

Thanks Jim.

Sorted that out. Just cant seem to ping outside the network. Looks like a dns issue but have put in and in to the settings. Could be a firewall issue also?

I go it, dns setting typo.

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