Recreate deleted email domain

For test purposes i am trying to recreate an earlier deleted email domain.
However this seems to be impossible, I can create new domains but not the domain I have deleted in the past. It seems as if the exact domain name is still somewhere in the emailconfiguration.
Anybody has some suggestions how to proceed ??

Kind regards Pim

What error did you got when trying the recreate the domain?
Check the logs for additional information.

When deleting an email domain some things are preserved:

Warning. If domain.tld is deleted, this server will reject new messages for that domain. However any message that has been already delivered is not affected and will be preserved.

Most settings are stored in an e-smith database. You probably will need to check for remnants from a terminal console (maybe some settings in dovecot and postfix).

To list configured domains:

config show domains

To identify the e-smith database holding remnants of the domain you can use grep:

grep -ri domain.tld /etc/e-smith/db/

Do not manually edit those files, use the appropriate commands instead (usually config and db commands).

Hi Marc,

Thanks for your reply. There is no error simply nothing happens.

I tried config show domains and grep -ri /etc/e-smith/db/ both returned no results.

However if i run grep -ri /etc/ I get loads of results, I’ll dig through those to see if I can sort out which ones to delete.

Worth creating a new db prop? One populated by the deleted domains that can be also deleted?

As this was a test server I have deleted it and started from scratch.Thx all for the reactions much appreciated.

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