Recommended approach for adding MySQL Database

NethServer Version: 7.9.2009

There are some web applications I want to add into my NethServer using virtual hosts, but they require databases. It seems I have two options: get a Dockerized version that includes its own DB, or use the main installation of MySQL on the server.

It adds a lot of overhead for each app to run its own instance of MySQL in a Docker container, so I don’t want to do this.

Is there a suggested way or best practice to add a database for a custom app? A user interface for this (like PhpMyAdmin) would be ideal, and the DB also being included in backups would be good too.[]=phpmyadmin

Any MySQL databases that are part of a system installation of MySQL will be part of the backup. You’re on your own for anything in containers, though.

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I have some module on the wiki to upgrade from SCl mariadb, the DB should be in the backup, usable with phpmyadmin and automysqlbackup

As ever test your backups before to need them … this is a recent lesson for me :smiley:

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Typical MariaDBs for Wordpress and other scripts without specific requirements I create manually.
As a prerequisite I have installed the MariaDB modules and automysqlbackup from @stephdl.

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