Recommendation for server certificate



Could you recommend any certificate I could use for NethServer?

I was thinking about RapidSSL, which only costs 50 dollars/year. Any other recommandations where you had good experiences?


(Artem Fedai) #2

You can use WoSign service 3 years cert fo free.

(Filippo Carletti) #3

I’d use Letsencrypt.


In my current infrastructure (can’t foward port 80) it isn’t possible from what I understand.

(Artem Fedai) #5

(Giacomo Sanchietti) #6

Actually, you can still request LE certificate, but it’s not automated and you should do the work on you own.
You have two possibility:

Example of proxy pass for LE

NS is an internal server with ip address and named

Your need to create a proxy pass rule into your firewall to forward all web requests for to your NS.You must make sure that all requests to this URL are routed to your NS.

(jack) #7

Free (renew every year)