Recommendation for server certificate


Could you recommend any certificate I could use for NethServer?

I was thinking about RapidSSL, which only costs 50 dollars/year. Any other recommandations where you had good experiences?


You can use WoSign service 3 years cert fo free.

I’d use Letsencrypt.

In my current infrastructure (can’t foward port 80) it isn’t possible from what I understand.

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Actually, you can still request LE certificate, but it’s not automated and you should do the work on you own.
You have two possibility:

  • manually request and renwer the certs: Using Let's Encrypt in manual mode
  • create a proxy pass into your firewall to forward the /.well-known/acme-challenge/ URL to your NS

Example of proxy pass for LE

NS is an internal server with ip address and named

Your need to create a proxy pass rule into your firewall to forward all web requests for to your NS.You must make sure that all requests to this URL are routed to your NS.

Free (renew every year)