Re-run the nethserver-wordpress update command

NethServer release 7.6.1810

Hi everyone. It happened for the third time on my server that after updating wordpress, the system signals that there are new translations. Performing the progress, unfortunately appears the classic ftp connection mask to localhost. Knowing already the problem I proceeded to update and immediately given the classic command:
[root @ neth7 ~] # config setprop wordpress access public
[root @ neth7 ~] # signal-event nethserver-wordpress-update
Returning to the update menu, after executing the signal events, download the translations.

Has anyone happened?

I do not understand the issue, this command is to restrict to you lan or open the web application to outside of your lan. This is to open to the application to people outside of your local area network.

what was the problem, could you please reformulate

Hi, I will try to explain better.
After successfully updating the wordpress, the menu contains other updates such as translations. But when I try to update the translations, a window appears asking for the ftp access credentials. To remedy the problem I simply re-issue the command “config setprop wordpress access public” although wordpress is already in public access. Done this it resumes to work. I’m sorry for the English English translation if inaccurate.
Thank you

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Therefore the config command is probably not necessary, because it writes esmith properties that wordpress cannot change. But the event you launch after made some changes

I would bet on the permission change that the event does

But I don’t understant why the permission on wp-content has changed