Re-enable ejabberd

I had installed #ejabberd and then after while disabled it via cockpit.
But after day I enabled it and tried to connect. No luck.
Looked to router firewall if ports are allowed, yes, looked to proxmox fw, yes.
Then to ns firewall and xmpp ports was not there. So I had to manually add it to firewall.
I dont know, is this bug?
I dont know, what exactly install do, but probably it configures firewall to allow traffic.
If disable, probably that rule is wiped from firewall, but after re-enable, there should be re-added to firewall?

On the same installation are you using Webtop?

No, I dont use Webtop at all

The integrated IM feature of Webtop was based (if i remember correclty) on eJabberd, allowing a an “hassle free test” for functioning of the server… At least inside the “localhost”.

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