Raspberry Pi 5 Installation

Is it possible to install the NethSecurity Firewall onto a Raspberry Pi 5. I would love to have a look at this new firewall.

Thanks in advance

According to the manual, on June 2024 it runs only on x86_64: System requirements — NethSecurity documentation

That’s is a pity it doesnt run on something like a Pi. With a small form factor a Pi 5 would be great for running a small firewall

AFAIK, the rpi5 has only one ethernet port, you usually need two for a firewall.

BTW, you could try to build NethSecurity for the rpi, most of the features should work flawlessly.

The RPi5 does have only one ethernet port, however I have a USB to ethernet adapter that works on the Pi 5 to give me the secondary port.

I would love to give it a try if you think its possible. Will NethSecurity install on any flavour of Linux, as I’m tied with what can be installed on rpi5.

Thanks in Advance Robert

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