Random error tomcat webtop5 + nextcloud

hello everyone I have a problem with webtop 5 and tomcat (already declared some time ago). I noticed that after installing webtop5 having installed the nextcloud application (not as virtualhost), I am getting an error from tomcat (url not found). If I reload the web page, nexcloud starts working again. At the moment I have uninstalled web top. Can anyone tell me if the problem is already known?

Is it a new installation? Was webtop working well until you installed the nextcloud applicaion?

Hi Alessio, let’s say the opposite or nextcloud has always been installed, as soon as I add the webtop package everything works. It often happens that the nextcloud page reports the aforementioned error and by performing a page reload the tomcat error goes away.

Hi @france, I have webtop and nextcloud on lot of installations and no problem so far. Can you look into /var/log/webtop/webtop.log and check if there is something interesting?

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Hi, I will have to rerun the webtop installation because I am currently using sogo. Anyway at the moment thanks.

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