Raid status on Cockpit Dashboard and Storage

One of my hard disks part of a raid1 failed.
There was no warning on the Cockpit Dashboard or Storage page.
Only when digging in the filesystem menu the warning appears.
Showing the warning of faulty raid imediatly on the Dashboard or Storage page makes more sence.


Widgets into dashboard take charge of CPU, RAM, Swap, Network. Effectively a RAID one for health should be nice (maybe not only for software raid, if possible).
Into storage I have some indications about drives (no RAID into this setup)

But no health status reported…

@Stephane_Schoubben did you receive any email alert for disk status?

email alerts were send to user root.
Can this be customised to send alerts to an external mail adress?

AFAIK no, at least not from the interface.
But with rules (sieve) on root mailbox you can forward some messages to external mail address (if the server is a mailserver or has access to a smarthost).
Sometimes i use Roundcube only for manage this rules…