Quota on home folder?

Is there a default disk quota on the home folder?

I’m having an issue where a user can’t upload/sync files and is getting a windows error message of ‘can’t copy - quota exceeded’.

I can find info related to mail and nextcloud (and neither of these are used or set), but this is straight to the home folder (via redirected folders). There are no errors logged in the Windows 10 event logs nor on Nethserver logs. There are no quotas set on Windows and there is plenty of disk space.

This is a new installation using SMB Active Directory.

Any clues of where to start looking greatly appreciated.


NethServer Version: 7.6.1810 (final)

As you can read here Shared folder user quota it’s not implemented in NethServer. Can you try from a Linux computer or another Windows PC?

@KdB Did you try it?

Thanks guys. I haven’t had a chance to fully diagnose the issue and want to test some theories.

Knowing that quota hasn’t been implemented on the Nethserver, I will investigate the issue from Windows perspective. Yes @federico.ballarini I did read that link but wanted to check in case there was a change/implementation in the latest update.

I am suspecting an issue either with long file names or fileID (think Inodes on NTFS) throwing an error from the offline (CSC) cache and Windows making a ‘best guess’ that is it “quota” related - although there is none implemented at either end.

I did have issues on another server install where some software on a Win 7 machine wouldn’t load some files with ‘can’t be found’ errors when they were clearly there. I worked that out to be long file names. It didn’t help that the organisation’s TLD was ‘areallywaytoolongdomainname’.com.au …

I will report back after more troubleshooting.