Quota control of print

is it possible to configure print server with quota control?
Can someone give me a tip?

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Try PaperCut - there’s a free version available with a 5 user limit. I had it working on SME Server, should work without problems on NethServer…

See here:

The client - as an architecture agency - needed billing for their plots… That worked VERY well!

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Hi Andy,
Thanks for your attention but I have more of 5 users.
I’m try pykota and I think that nethserver can be similar.
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Been looking for something like these tools for a long time (been considering a solution that would manage print queues and user management - something akin to the interfaces that are builtin into high-end Kyocera and HP printers).

Pykota seems to be a viable open source solution (may need to e-mail the administrator, the development seems to have ended and the changelog is restricted / not available).

@robb gets a software for that i presume

If it is just about print control, I highly recommend SavaPage. I wrote a howto in our wiki on installing SavaPage on top of the printserver module of NethServer.
If you need also to control the copy functionality of multifunctionals, you need a solution like PaperCut. PaperCut is not opensource and not free. But the costs of PaperCut are not that high and compared to other commercial products, you can even call it a bargain.
If you want more info on SavaPage (in combination with PaperCut) I can recommend to contact Rijk Ravestijn. He is the developer of SavaPage and also reseller for PaperCut. He lives in the Netherlands and speaks English very well.
You can find his info on SavaPage.org website.


Just been scrolling through SavePage manual (the manual is very well-writing and nicely laid out) .

Wow, a really impressive set of features and abilities.

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I agree with your comments @medworthy
Besides the endless list of features and options, the project is very well written too. I know the developer personally and he is very serious about both clean programming and proper documentation.
I know a large school in Switzerland (ETH Zurich) is using SavaPage as a solution for their print environment. The copy part is done through PaperCut.

I do hope SavaPage can get a more permanent solution in NethServer as a module on top of the print module. Therefor some dev(s) should spend a bit of their time on creating a module. I tried to get some basics done, but my coding skill / rpm creation skills just are lacking.

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Only problem I noticed with this project, there are no changelogs or any related information about any updates.

@medworthy, agree on that, but you can always track the changes through the gitlab repository Not ideal, but all changes are there.

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