Questions to external Maildomain

I read in the forum constantly, but still to Nethserver v7 still some questions.

I want to do the following:
I want to set up a server in the internal network (DMZ) for different external mail domains. The
server itself should have only these external mail domains and the Mails with fetchmail (getmail) to pick up and the respective user. The mailing of these external maildomains (@, @, etc.) should be done via the SMTP of the mailprovider. I also need no firewall etc., since the mailserver is only accessible internally (intranet).

Is it possible that I use as a username and for the login the mail address and password (for example,,, etc.)?

Can I create the user names in the Nethserver already with the respective (external) names of the maildomains?


No, the domain suffix of user names is the same of the host FQDN.

Please, have a look at this

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Perhaps this topic is related to the split domain I’m thinking for my next test, please let me elaborate.
I have a Windows network where two Exchange servers in the same Active Directory domain manage several email domains. Enter Nethserver. While testing and, next, migrating users between the Windows servers and Nethserver, the three mail servers need to handle the same multiple domains, perhaps all of them.

In my tests in Zentyal, I’ve succeeded by disabling the single smart host and setting up postfix transport maps and “external account aliases” as explained in (actually, I’ve just edited in /etc/postfix/transports, because AFAIK Zentyal does not overwrite it).

The link @davidep has just provided seems very similar to me, although I don’t immediately grasp the template part. Am I right, or is this something different? What about the “external account aliases” in that how-to, reportedly needed to let postfix know that such recipients exist? (indeed it didn’t work without them).
I assume nothing changes for the Exchange to Nethserver direction.