Questions about AD join

NethServer Version: 7.3.1611 (rc3)
Module: AD

premise: i must admit my great ignorance with windows ad, so please be patient, i promise i’ll study something :innocent:

i’m trying to join ns7rc3 to an existing AD, for sure there is no ldaps.

my first problem, i didn’t have Administrator pass of AD, i have an account with admin privileges, but ther is no way to join with it… it seem it always try to join with Administrator account… the only way was to use:

realm join ‘config get DomainName’ -U myAdminAccount

at the end after configuring also the ldap:// it seems to work, but i have:

i’ve tried the SIZELIMIT option in ldap.conf but without luck

and last but not least
when i create a new openvpn account (or assign a new share to a group), selecting system user the list of user (or group in the share) is not sorted… and it’s a real pain :frowning:


sorrym, i think it’s the hard coded 1000 limit in ad, i can’t change it, but restricting LDAP Scope for User and Group Search seems to work. now i’m under 1000.
while searching for a solution i found these link, maybe they can be useful:


You’re right, the given user name is ignored!

Luckily the fix is straightforward…

These are possible enhancements; they could be fixed in the next nethserver-sssd release.

Added a card here!


tnx! works great for me, it would be nice to re-test also with ldaps and Administrator account, just to be sure :slight_smile: if someone @quality_team have some spare time :wink: i will wait some time before mark it as verified

tnx! tested and marked as verified… now life is easier :slight_smile: :raised_hands:


Good job man, thanks for your Christmas test :slight_smile: @quality_team never stops

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Update has been released.