Question with virus-rejected emails,

Saludos! :smiley: I mean Greetings!

I raised the clamav symbols when it detects a virus:

If an email is rejected because it has a virus detected and if the sender or the attacker has a way to receive email (legit sender):
Does this one receive a mail back informing of the rejected for having a virus detected?

Why the question? in case of a legitimate sender I want them to know the cause and hopefully they can correct their problem.
If they donā€™t get notified, no problemā€¦ except for me since my users are going to start nagging about why they donā€™t get their virusā€¦ err mail.


Yes, the common ā€œUndelivered Mail Returned to Senderā€ mail is sent including a ā€œVirus foundā€ message.